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Asbestos board KTM


KTM asbestos board (heat-insulating) is made in sheets based on fire-resistant, heat-insulating mullite-silica fiberglass material. It is intended for use as a fire-resistant, heat-insulating material at the temperature of the insulated surface up to 1000 C. The heat-insulating cardboard is non-toxic, fire and explosion proof. During its storage and transportation, no harmful substances are emitted.

Sheet thickness, mm: from 3.0 to 6.0
Sheet length, mm: 1000
Sheet width, mm: 800
Density, kg / m3, no more: 1200
Ultimate tensile strength lengthwise, MPa (kg/cm2): 0,9 (9,0)
Tensile strength broadwise, MPa (kg/cm2): 0,45 (4,5)
Loss of mass share of substance upon calcination,%, no more: 15
Mass share of moisture,%, no more: 10

Fire resistance. KTM does not burn and its physical and mechanical properties do not alter when heated to a temperature of 1000°C.

Lack of emission of harmful substances when heated ..

Stable thermal insulation capacity.

Unaffected by the aging process.

High adhesion to the insulated surface with wet installation.

Alkali resistance.

It is used in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, industrial power engineering, construction, when casting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. As a highly efficient heat and sound insulation material. Of great interest in the automotive industry (for muffler gaskets, etc.).

Manufactured according to TU (technical specs) 5767-008-59264088-2004.