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"Lion" - rubber-fabric padded strips

"Lion" - rubber-fabric padded strips for hydraulic presses TU 38 10566-76. Chevron seals GOST 22704-77

Lion tape is used in the form of profiled strips to seal the rods and cylinders of hydraulic presses with large diameters.
Rubber-fabric seals are produced with a diameter of 10 to 2000 mm and are used in the form of packages, which makes it possible to manufacture their elements (cuffs, pressured and support rings) both integrally molded and in the form of profile strips (with a joint). The latter ensures the installation of seals during equipment repair without disassembling it. When installing profile strips, the latter are cut at the junction at an angle of 30-60 degrees.

When installing profile strips in a package, the joints should be located at an angle of 120 degrees relative to each other. According to GOST 22704-77, it is allowed to manufacture seals from profile strips with a diameter of rods and cylinders of more than 500 mm.





Legend: Tape "Lion" 16x20 profile В TU 38 10566-76, where

h - height (mm.);
L - width (mm.);

A, Б, В, Г - profile types.