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Asbestos cuffs

Asbestos seals MA TU 2572-034-00149373-2003 (TU 38 114250-78)

ANG seals TU 2572-036-00149373-2002 (TU 38 114192-76)

ANG cuffs are used for sealing the stuffing box of valves and Christmas tree valves, as well as assemblies of oil-field equipment of columns, pipe heads operating in the environment of oil, gas condensate and natural gas, containing carbon dioxide with hydrogen sulfide up to 6% by volume, at a pressure for cuffs up to 700 atm. and temperatures from -60°C to +150°C.

Asbestos cuffs of MA grade are used to fill glands in order to seal movable and fixed joints of fittings, forging equipment and other machines and apparatus operating at speeds of the movable parts being sealed up to 2 m/s in inert gases, air, industrial water, steam, oil products with limiting pressure 20 MPa and temperature 300°C.

ANG cuffs are solid-rolled multi-layer figured sections made of AT-1 asbestos fabric (GOST 6102-94), coated with glue based on nitrile rubber.

The surface of ANG and MA grades must be graphite.

The configuration of the ANG cuffs must correspond to the drawing:


It is possible to manufacture ANG cuffs according to the customer's drawings.