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Driving V-belts


V-belts are used to transfer movement from the engine shaft to auxiliary units of cars, tractors, combines, machine tools, etc. The design of the V-belts involves the use of rubber compounds and a wrapping layer. The rubber compounds are used in tension and compression layers and are positioned above and below the carrier layer, respectively. And the wrapping layer consists of cotton fabrics, it is used to protect the sides from wear and to impart solidity to the entire structure.

V-belts supplied by our company have a number of advantages:

• the high-quality rubber compounds used in the manufacture make the belt resistant to heat, ozone and sunlight

• Cast-toothed design on the inner side of the belt improves flexibility, reduces bending stress and provides improved performance

• high strength and reliability, energy-saving operation, reduced vibration, long service life.

• oil resistant and antistatic