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Fireproof thermally expandable tape

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Low prices. Quality. When heated, complete sealing of openings, joints, joints in order to isolate from fire, smoke, toxic gases in case of fire. From thermally expanded graphite TRG. Various standard sizes.

Thermally expanded graphite TRG, due to its properties, has found application in fire protection.

After many years of experimental work, a technology has been developed for producing a "flexiseal" fire-resistant fire protection strip from expanded TRG graphite.

The fire protection technology is based on the property of expanded graphite to swell (thermally expand) when heated, starting from +90 C. The swelling coefficient of expanded graphite is technologically controlled and amounts to 150-400 times.

Another important property of graphite is to keep pH neutral and stable for a long time.

Fireproof strips are installed along the perimeter of window and door openings of premises, in the joints of pipelines, air ducts, chimneys, cable ducts, etc. When heated, fire strips swell, eliminate all gaps and crevices, seal openings and joints, thereby slowing down, preventing, blocking, isolating the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases.

"Flexiseal" fireproof strips in the form of "wallpaper" are used for fire protection of walls of fire-hazardous and vital premises.

Fire protection strips are manufactured in various standard sizes