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Spiral sealings Gamspir and Azmes

Spiral sealings are the seals recommended for use in the petrochemical industry and refineries, chemical and power plants, and wherever performance must be combined with high reliability. Due to their design, the seals combine the advantages of the thermal stability and resilience of steel with the sealing properties of soft sealing materials such as expanded graphite or PTFE. These seals effectively seal even at relatively low assembly compression, do not burn and are resistant to blowing out. Due to their undoubted advantages, they are widely used in industry.

The seals are produced on a semi-automatic winding-pressing machine, due to which the winding and pressing parameters are completely repeatable and guarantee consistent quality.

We manufacture seals according to the most popular standards:
ASME B16.20
PN-EN 1514-2
PN-EN 12560-2

Versions are manufactured in accordance with the standards:
• Without upsetting rings marked GAMSPIR
• With inner ring marked GAMSPIR I
• With an outer ring makred GAMSPIR O
• And also with an outer and inner rings marked GAMSPIR IO

They are manufactured from SS316L steel (inner ring and spiral), carbon galvanized steel (centering ring) and expanded graphite or PTFE (spiral gasket). This version allows the use of seals in a pressure range according to standards and at temperatures up to 550°C.

Seals are manufactured in the following size range:
• without inner ring up to 24'' (610 mm)
• with an inner ring up to 14'' (356 mm)
• 4.5 mm thick (after assembly 3.2 mm)


At the request of the client, it is possible to manufacture seals in a different non-standard size and with a different agreed composition, intended for other working conditions. Oval seals AZMES are similar in design, designed to seal openings of manholes and cleaning manholes in pressure tanks and boilers. These seals are manufactured without centering rings, standard in SS316 L with expanded graphite gasket. At the request of the client, seals can be made from other materials.