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6 "b" Volzhsky Chemical Complex
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Production of rubber compounds (mixtures)


Our products are in great demand in enterprises belonging to various industrial sectors. During its more than half-century history of working on the market of rubber-technical products, it has established itself as a reliable supplier offering modern and high-quality products. The company is open for cooperation with any organization.

We offer customers the following types of crude rubber:

  • food,
  • oil resistant,
  • petrol resistant,
  • transformer,
  • heat-resistant,
  • vacuum,
  • acid-alkali-resistant.

Production of raw rubber compounds, as well as products from them, is carried out in accordance with the following regulatory and technical documentations:

  • TU-38 005 204-84 "Rubber parts for construction, automobile, road, tractor and agricultural. mechanical engineering, as well as requirements for rubbers used for their production ";
  • TU 2500-376-00152106-94 "Technical rubber products";
  • TU 38 1051705-86 "Commodity unvulcanized rubber mixtures for the production of products in contact with food";
  • TU 38 0051166-98 "Rubber mixtures for rubber products of aviation technology";
  • TU 2512-046-00152081-2003 "Unvulcanized rubber commodity mixtures".

In the process of manufacturing rubber compounds, the highest quality raw materials and modern equipment are used. All rubber produced by JSC NIIRP (heat-resistant, oil-resistant, food, vacuum, etc.) meets the requirements of regulatory documents, which is confirmed by passports of the Quality Control Department.

Benefits of cooperation

By purchasing rubber semi-finished products in our company, customers are guaranteed to receive quality goods at attractive prices. In addition, it has the following advantages that make the partnership even more profitable:

  • products are dispensed with a certificate of quality control department;
  • production of rubber compounds is carried out as soon as possible;
  • payment can be made both in cash and by bank transfer;
  • delivery to the transport company;
  • professional consulting support.