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novahit® VS


novaphit® VS is made from thermally expanded graphite material without metal reinforcement. In comparison with other analogs of unreinforced graphite materials, it has high mechanical strength. Has good sealing properties.

- at high thermal and mechanical loads, also at frequent load changes;
- saturated and superheated steam, heat-conducting oils;
- widely used in aggressive environments.
This material allows the production of pads with a narrow field width.

 Technical specifications:

 Name of indicators


 Density, g/cm3


 Compressibility, %, not less


 Recoverability, %, not less


Ultimate tensile strength in longitudinal direction, MPa, not less


Tensile strength in lateral direction, MPa, not less


Maximum allowable pressure, MPa (kgc/cm2 bar)

6,5 (65)

Temperature range, оC

от -240 до +550 

Thickness, mm

0,5 / 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 

Sheet cutting, mm

1000х1000 / 1500 х1500

Installation instructions for segmental gaskets.

The assembly of the gasket must be done directly on the flange. When opening the packaging and installing the gasket, it is important not to damage the connection elements (push-button / “dovetail”).

Gasket segments are stacked alternately and connected to the flange. After assembly and alignment of the gasket, Novaphit VS self-adhesive squares with a thickness of 0.35 ... 0.5 mm are glued to the junction of the segments, according to the sketch.

For the convenience of installation and assembly of the gasket, you can use special double-sided tape (supplied). The adhesive tape is glued in small squares to the gasket, and then glued to the flange. This method of installation is used for mounting of gaskets on a vertical flange, but it is possible to use adhesive tape with a horizontal flange as well