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Heat insulating asbestos mixture

heat-insulating asbestos mixture ТSА-25 (ТСА-25)
heat-insulating asbestos mixture ТSА-45 (ТСА-45)
heat-insulating asbestos mixture ТSА-65 (ТСА-65)

Use: used as heat-insulating material
Country of origin Russia
Temperature +500°С
Bag weight 40-42 kg

- Heat-insulating mixture is a product of thickening (mixing) of chrysotile asbestos in an aquatic environment, intended for use as heat-insulating material at temperatures of the insulated surface up to 500°C.
- By quality indicators, the heat-insulating mixtures after drying and loosening are similar to asbestos of group 6K (grade A-6K-30). Therefore, being 100% chrysotile asbestos, they can simply be used as an inexpensive source of this raw material. The mixture is a plastic mass or granules.

- Area of application: Heat-insulating mixtures of ТSА-45 grade are intended for insulation of heat and power equipment - first of all, steam and hot water boilers, as a backfill between the metal casing and the lining of metallurgical furnaces, for the production of building materials and other purposes.

- By quality indicators, TSA mixtures comply with the following standards (for TSA-25 / TSA-45 / TSA-65): Mass fraction of moisture no more than 25% / 25-45% / 45-65% Mass share of fraction not less than 0.075 mm, no more than 90%

- Advantages of thermal insulation with these mixtures:
1. Fire resistance (do not burn, when heated to a temperature of 500 ° C, physical and mechanical indicators do not change).
2. Stable thermal insulation capacity.
3. Resistance to aging processes (durability of thermal insulation is determined by stable chemical composition of chrysotile asbestos).
4. Lack of emission of harmful substances when heated.
5. Ease of use (the technology of laying on an insulated surface does not require certain work skills and the use of special tools).
6. Alkali resistance.

- Packaged in polypropylene bags. Net weight of one bag is not more than 50 kg