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Extrusion products

Экструзионные изделия1

Our company produces products made by the extrusion method, with the help of which products of various profiles of unlimited length are obtained.

We manufacture a wide range of silicone extruded profiles:

• Seals used in various equipment and products - vacuum, furnaces, hydraulics, pneumatic, electrical;

• Sealing profiles - windows, doors, portholes;

• Cords;

• Silicone tubes of various diameters and wall thicknesses;

• Chippers;

• Tabs;

• Shock absorbing profiles;

• Protective rims, etc.

Extrusion is a technology for the production of industrial rubber products, during which a mass of organosilicon rubber is pressed through a flat mold. The result is an "endless" cord, insert, protective rim - any product you need with the specified parameters.

Every day we come across extruded products - for example, when we open the refrigerator door, which is sealed with rubber profiles. But silicone seals bypass rubber in all respects. They are inert and do not react with alkalis, acids, acetone, oils and other liquids; they retain their properties for many years.

The production of profile products from silicone is also convenient: the best temperature of the mixture for performing work is 20-30 ° C. Silicone cures quickly when treated with steam. Such features of production make high demands on the properties and quality of silicone rubbers, great demands are made; but we use only high-quality raw materials and monitor the exact observance of technology in production.

We will manufacture products according to your drawings and samples.