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Non-molded rubber products

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Specialization in the field of design, research and development of technology for the production of non-molded rubber products, including profile and porous seals for work in various operating conditions.

Silicone (siloxane) rubbers are elastomers, the main chains of macromolecules of which do not contain carbon atoms. This gives siloxane rubbers a number of unique properties, the main of which is heat resistance - i.e. long-term preservation of rubber elasticity at high temperatures. It is a chemically inert, non-toxic, odorless and tasteless product. Microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, mold do not grow in fully pre-vulcanized rubber.

Heat-resistant rubber products based on silicone rubbers produced in accordance with TU 38 1051816-87, TU 38 1051959-90 are used to seal and insulate systems and components of aviation equipment operating in the temperature range from -60°C to +250°C in air, ozone, electric field.

Manufactured in accordance with TU 2500-281-00152106-98 rubber products based on silicone rubbers for food-grade devices are efficient in such environments as milk and dairy products, fats, vegetable oils, animals, mayonnaise, sugar, sugar syrups, soft drinks, beer, yeast suspension, fruit and berry and vegetable juices, in the equipment of the canning industry (fish, meat, vegetables), in smoking chambers and bread makers in the temperature range from -60°С to +250°С (for a short time - up to +300°С).

Vacuum rubber products based on silicone rubbers produced according to TU 2534-022-00152106-00 are used to connect and seal vacuum systems. They are efficient at rarefaction of up to 133.3x10-12 MPa in the temperature range from -50°С to +250°С (for a short time from -60°С to +300°С).

Rubber products based on silicone rubbers - rubberized and hollow rollers, rubber-metal plates, are produced according to TU 2539-020-00152106-00 and are used in electrographic copiers of various types for thermal power fixing and for decorating plastic products by hot stamping with specific pressure from 1.0 to 4.5 MPa and temperatures from +180°C to +200°C.

Porous products - cords, tubes, profiles, plates manufactured according to TU 2500-023-00152106 from rubbers based on silicone rubbers with a density of 0.3 - 0.5 g / cm3, are efficient in air in the temperature range from - 50 to + 200°C.

Ethylene-propylene rubbers are the lightest rubbers with a density of 0.86 ÷ 0.87 g / cm3. Properties depend on the content and variation of ethylene units in the copolymer units and the amount of double bonds in the side chain. Ethylene-propylene rubbers have a saturated main hydrocarbon chain, which ensures their high heat, ozone, light and chemical resistance in combination with sufficiently high physical, mechanical and elastic properties.

Products made of rubbers based on ethylene-propylene rubbers are efficient in hot water, superheated steam at temperatures up to + 200°С, as well as in aggressive environments - in acids, alkalis, detergents, freons and air with an increased ozone content at temperatures from -45° to +150°C.

Fluoroelastomers are copolymers based on fluoroolefins. The fluorine atom, which is part of the polymer molecule, gives it a particularly high thermal and chemical resistance. Today fluoroelastomers are indispensable for the manufacture of rubber products in contact with various fuels, acids, and other aggressive substances, where there are high temperatures.

Plates and parts made of rubbers based on fluoroelastomers produced according to TU 2539-036-00152106-2003 are efficient in the environment of oils, fuels, solvents, concentrated acids in the temperature range from -20°С to + 270°С.

Rubber cords (made according to GOST 6467-79), tubes (GOST 5496-78) and stuffed seals, including cuff type (according to TU 2500-376-00152106-94), are efficient in air and water environment, in weak acid solutions and alkalis, in the environment of oils and petroleum products in the temperature range from -40°С to +80°С.

  • Silicone tubes, PVC, rubber
  • Silicone cords, rubber
  • Sealing silicone profiles