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Polyester fabric PE-180 (ПЭ-180)

Technical harsh polyester fabric used as a basis for the manufacture of awning materials.

Main advantages of polyester fabrics, they:
- are resistant to abrasive environments;
- do not oxidize;
- do not grow moldy;
- are resistant to acids, alkalis and surfactants.
- under normal conditions, do not emit toxic substances into the environment and do not have a harmful effect on the human body through direct contact;
- working with fabric does not require special precautions;
- operating temperatures of polyester fabrics: maximum continuous: up to +145°С; maximum short-term: up to +150°С

- base for awning materials;
- base for artificial leather;
- for filtration in metallurgical, cement, woodworking, oil and food industries.

Polyester fabric PE-180 (ПЭ-180)


Surface density, g / m2, not less than

Elongation at break, %, not more (longitudinal threads)

Elongation at break, %, not more (transverse threads)

Number of threads per 100 mm (base)

Number of threads per 100 mm (weft)

Breaking load on the base, not less than, N

Breaking load on the weft, not less than, N

Change in size of fabric in hot air, %, no more than

PE-180 (ПЭ-180)
TU 8278-327-00149363-2010

180 ± 5 



82 ± 2

71 ± 2