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Press-shaped products


The pressing of silicone products is excellent for both small series (including piece lots) of goods, if performed using molds with a limited resource, and for production in industrial volumes.

In classical technology, a pre-weighed amount of rubber mass is poured into molds of two or more parts. Under pressure, the excess mass is squeezed out, all parts of the mold are heated evenly and vulcanization occurs.

Often, pressing is performed on already extruded products - for example, hoses are cut into spacer rings.

This method is excellent for the production of insulators, rollers, caps, gaskets, specialized plugs, custom-made rubber lining, as well as reinforced silicone products. Pressing with different degrees of pressure makes it possible to obtain well-processed, equally strong products of the most complex shape.

Our company has extensive experience in the manufacture of the following products:

• Gaskets (seals for devices for various purposes);

• Rings;

• Plates;

• Products with a complex profile;

• Caps;

• Gasket for gas water heater;

• Plugs for special purposes (used in electroplating, ovens, painting booths (when painting using high temperatures);

• Products with embedded elements;

• Rubberizing of various materials;

• Reinforced silicone products (gaskets and seals for hydraulics, pneumatic, etc.

• Rollers of various profiles and purposes.