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Paronite VP-1

Paronite VP-1 (resistant to aggressive environments)

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Paronite sheet

В P-1-0.4 mm resistant to aggressive environments, is a product of vulcanization of a mixture that includes asbestos fibers, solvents, rubber, mineral fillers and sulfur. Further, high pressure rolling takes place.

Application of sheet paronite VP-1 - 0.4 mm

Paronite sheet VP-1 (resistant to aggressive media) is used as a gasket material for sealing flat connectors of various fixed connections of pumps, pipelines, vessels, compressors, etc. Working environment of VP-1 paronite: acid, alkalis, oxidants, nitrous and other aggressive gases, organic solvents.



Working pressure, MPa.

Temperature, °С

Thickness change, %

Density, g / cm3

 Thickness, mm

Acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents, nitrous and other corrosive gases


Up to +250°С




Organic solvents


Up to +150°С




Compressibility at 35MPa



from 2 to 12



Recoverability after relieving 35MPa










2 - 2,5







from 0.4 to 2


Paronite sheets of the VP-1 grade are accepted in batches. During acceptance, the paronite conformity to GOST (State Standards) is monitored in terms of appearance and physical and mechanical characteristics. Each batch is subjected to acceptance tests, the results of which are reflected in the paronite certificate, confirmed with the stamp of the technical control section.

All paronite sheets are marked with indelible paint or in another way that guarantees the safety and readability of the marking during the guaranteed storage period. In addition, each batch is accompanied by an additional marking label indicating:

- the name of the enterprise and its trademark;

- brands of products included in this batch;

- batch number and release date;

- sheet thickness and additional symbol "T" for tropical products.



Paronite VP-1 and its products should be stored in dry and heated warehouses at temperatures from 0°C to +35°C and relative humidity of 65%. Storage at subzero temperatures is allowed. In this case, before making paronite gaskets, it should be kept for 24 hours at a temperature of +20°C.

During storage, do not allow for deformation of the material, exposure to direct sunlight, ozone and substances (oil, gasoline, acid, alkali, etc.) that can destroy rubber. The minimum distance from heat emitting devices and equipment is 1 meter.

Manufacturer's warranty

Subject to the rules for the transportation and storage of rubber products established by International Standard 481-80, the manufacturer guarantees the shelf life of VP-1 paronite or parts made from it without loss of physical, mechanical and operational properties - two years from the date of issue.

Paronite VP-2

Paronite VP-2 is a composition based on organofluorine rubber filled with asbestos and other technological additives. Designed for the manufacture of sheet cushioning material, workable: in an air environment at temperatures up to 300 ° C; fuel TS-1 - at temperatures up to 100 ° C; oils B-3V - up to 150 ° С; oils VNIINP-50-1-4F - up to 150 ° С; liquids 7-50s-3 - up to 150 ° С; VNIINP-7 oils - up to 120 ° С; CIATIM-221 greases - up to 125 ° C. Paronite VP-2 is efficient in the Far North and tropical climate.