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HNBR oil and petrol resistant, frost resistant

HNBR маслобензостойкая, морозоустойчиваяHNBR. Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber. It is a heat resistant rubber with high resistance to ozone and chemicals. It contains varying levels of acrylonitrile. The acrylonitrile content can vary from 17% to 49%. The lower the composition of acrylonitrile, the higher the frost resistance, but at the same time the resistance to fuel and polar lubricants decreases. The high content of acrylonitrile is manifested in its weak frost resistance, although the resistance to the action of fuels and polar lubricants improves at the same time.

  • Data applicable to seals, O-rings, and hydraulic hoses (the list does not stop here):

Operation temperature:


Lower limit


Lower limit (special components added)


Upper limit


Upper limit (special components added)


H-NBR. In detail.

H-NBR is a semi-finished product made of hydrogenated (highly saturated) acryl-nitrile-butadiene rubber, cross-linked with peroxide.
H-NBR is not filled with soot but is colored black.


Compared to NBR, H-NBR has better mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, and abrasion resistance. The temperature range of its application is much wider (from -25 С to +150 С; for a short time up to +170 С). This material is also highly resistant to ozone, weather and aging.

Swelling in mineral oils is very low, but highly dependent on the composition of the oil. The compatibility with oils with a high percentage of additives is better than NBR.