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Rubber wipers for rods

Rubber wipers for rods GOST 24811-81

Rubber wipers for rods of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, designed to protect the sealed cavities from dirt (complies with the recommendation of the CMEA RS 788-67).

Wipers of types 1, 2, 4 are intended for cleaning the surfaces of rods from dust contained in the atmosphere, road dirt, sand, clay in combination with working environments. Wipers of type 3 are intended for cleaning rods from particles of coal, crushed stone and coarse particles of various origins.

Тип 1 - грязесъемники для штоков диаметром от 4 до 500 мм, закрепляемых во фланцевых соединениях.     http://www.sibrti.krsn.ru/images/forms/new-32.JPG      http://www.sibrti.krsn.ru/images/forms/new-33.JPG     http://www.sibrti.krsn.ru/images/forms/new-34.JPG

Type 1 - wipers for rods with a diameter of 4 to 500 mm, fixed in flange connections.

Type 2 - wipers for rods with a diameter of 4 to 900 mm, installed in seats.

Type 3 - wipers for rods with a diameter of 20 to 360 mm (combined), consisting of a rubber base and polymer cleaning scraper.

Type 4 - wipers for rods with a diameter of 4 to 200 mm, fixed by pressing into the seats.


Rod diameter d (mm)


D (mm)


Wiper height H, (mm)


Wiper base height h, (mm)