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Silicone profile

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Our company is engaged in the production of silicone profiles of various shapes. We can produce any silicone profiles from silicone for general or medical use. At the request of the customer, the profiles can be transparent, colored or matte. It is also possible to connect the profile into a ring.

The silicone profile can be used as a sealing or insulating element. The silicone profile is widely used where it is necessary to ensure good sealing at high temperatures, in vacuum, etc. Our heat-resistant seal is often used in doors, windows, cold rooms, ovens, and more.

The working environment for silicone profiles can be:

• air of premises, vessels, nitrogen, inert gases;

• fresh, sea, industrial, waste water without organic solvents and lubricants;

• solutions of salts with a concentration up to the saturation limit: acids, alkalis with a concentration of no more than 20%;

The advantages of silicone profiles are:

• high heat resistance and frost resistance (operating temperature from -60 ° С + 280 ° С)

• high flexibility, elasticity and durability (up to 35 years)

• high electrical and mechanical strength;

• excellent electrical insulating properties (resistance to electric fields, electric corona and arc);

• high resistance to ozone, sunlight and solar radiation;

• environmental safety (silicone products are non-toxic, taste and odorless);

• resistance to oils, acids, alkalis, hydrogen peroxide and vacuum;

• resistance to physiological fluids, to sea and fresh water (including boiling water).