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Manufacturing of medical supplies

Medical products:

  • Single-channel silicone tubes - used for transporting various media, as elements of peristaltic pumps and other medical purposes. 
  • Silicone catheters-drainage (2-channel, 3-channel and 4-channel) are used to drain the bladder, renal pelvis with and without simultaneous irrigation.
  • Silicone T-tubes are used to drain the bile ducts in surgery, gynecology and urology.
  • Two-channel silicone drainage tubes are used for aspiration and lavage treatment, with air flow, suppurative processes of various localization, including treatment of purulent peritonitis.
  • Medical tubes of various sections made of PVC are used for drainage in general surgery, blood transfusion, complete set of medical devices for devices and apparatus.
  • Stoppers are made of biologically inert silicone for sealing vials with blood, blood substitutes, infusion solutions, injectable powders, antibiotics, bacteriological and biological preparations.
  • Silicone parts are made by molding method: bellows, plates, etc. are intended for the manufacture and completion of medical devices and apparatus.
  • Fabrics with a silicone coating - based on cotton textiles, they are used in medicine for sewing shoe covers, aprons, mattress covers and pillows, etc.

Physical and mechanical properties of silicone medical products

Conditional tensile strength, not less, MPa (kgf/cm2)

6,5 (65)

Elongation at break, not less, %


Change in elongation after aging in air for 72 hours at a temperature of 200 ° C, within, %

-25% ÷ + 25%

Hardness, unit Shore A, within

50 - 70

Working temperature range, ° С

-60°С ÷ +200°С

Sanitary and chemical indicators:

Oxidability, no more, mg О2/100cm3


Changes in extract pH


Physico-mechanical parameters of medical grade PVC tubes

Tensile strength, MPa, (kgf/cm 2)

15 (150)

Elongation at break, %, not less than


Sanitary and technical indicators

Oxidability, no more, mg О2/100cm3


Changes in extract pH


Diethyl phthalate content in extracts, mg/l, no more than


Resistance to chemical environments:

1. Water, blood, blood substitutes, saline.

2. Hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol.


1. Work is underway to expand the range of medical products at the request of medical equipment enterprises and other industries.

2. There are hygienic conclusions on the products.

Medical products

Supplies molded and non-molded silicone medical products at manufacturer's prices. The company develops and manufactures silicone products for medical purposes; there is a certificate of conformity for the products.

The assortment of silicone products used in medicine includes plates, cords, stoppers for containers, single-channel, multichannel and T-shaped medical silicone tubes, etc. In accordance with the current sanitary and hygienic rules, the following requirements are imposed on medical products made of silicone:

• biological inertness;

• resistance to the action of chemicals;

• operating temperature range - from –60 to +200 ° С;

• possibility of repeated thermal sterilization and disinfection treatment. 

Manufacture of silicone products for medicine

We produce a wide range of rubber products for healthcare institutions, and also develops non-standard rubber goods in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

In the manufacture of rubber medical products, non-toxic materials and components are used, selected to give the finished product specific performance and physical characteristics. The quality of the products sold is confirmed by sanitary and hygienic conclusions and certificates.

• Medical tubing

• Silicone plugs

• Silicone plates

• Silicone cords

• Tins with polyethylene lids with tampering control