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New generation asbestos-free products

Our company decided to minimize the use of asbestos-containing raw materials in its products and switch to a more innovative technological production using materials that do not contain asbestos, which, in addition to not having a harmful effect on the environment, are also more advanced in many physical and mechanical indicators than domestic analogs.

As a result of marketing research, multiple bench and production tests of products from imported materials, the specialists of our company decided to switch to the material of the Polish manufacturer GT as one of the founders of the direction of non-asbestos sealing materials.

Multiple tests on GT materials have proven their use within the following ranges:
• Working medium pressure up to 40 MPa;
• Working environment temperature from -200 to +600°С

For each order, we determine the most suitable material, which gives tangible savings to the customer. Our specialists trained at the manufacturer's plant are ready to help you in solving any of your questions.

Asbestos-free paronite has little compression deformation and good recoverability after pressure release. Thanks to this, multiple use of products is possible. Asbestos-free sealing sheets of the GT AF series are modern materials intended for the manufacture of technical seals in a wide range of pressures and temperatures, they are used in contact with many aggressive technical environments.

In most cases, they replace “IT”-type sheets, while having a higher gas impermeability and higher chemical resistance at temperatures up to +150°C. These sheets are composites of high quality aramid fibers, specially selected inorganic fibers and fillers, and elastomers suitable for the intended operating conditions.

The highly specialized and ISO 9001-compliant sheet production process guarantees stable technical parameters at the highest level. GT is certified by the Bureau of Technical Supervision for the production of asbestos-free sheets intended for sealing flange connections subject to state technical supervision.

GT AF sheets are sheets whose technical parameters satisfy a very wide range of uses.