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Dry asbestos gland packing АS


It is an elastic cord of round or square cross section, woven from asbestos thread, not graphitized. GOST 5152-84.

Section size: 4-30 mm. Produced in coils or bobbins, tied with twine with an average weight of 8-20 kg. Coils are packed in paper or plastic bags, sack paper, or plastic wrap.

It is used in stuffing box seals of fittings operating with neutral and aggressive liquid and gaseous environs with a maximum allowable pressure of 4.5 MPa and temperature of +400°C; in liquid and gaseous ammonia at pressures up to 4.5 MPa and temperatures from -70 to +150°C. And also for sealing stationary joints of devices with gaseous environments at pressure of 1 MPa and temperature not exceeding +600°C. Maximum permissible sliding speed is 2m/s.

The guaranteed shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture. Storage conditions: closed storage rooms, protect from direct sunlight, keep at a distance of 1 m from heat-emitting devices.