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Spiral-wound gaskets (ПСН)

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Low prices. Quality. Optimal delivery time. New generation seals. Tightness 100% throughout the entire service life. Wide working range: the whole range of working environments, including aggressive ones; temperature from -200 to +800 C; pressure - up to 40 MPa (400 kgf/cm2). 

PSN spiral-wound gaskets with thermally expanded graphite filler or polytetrafluoroethylene (fluoroplastic 4) are used to seal critical flange joints such as "tongue-groove", "protrusion-depression", "plane-plane" of pipelines, fittings, pumps, vessels, apparatus and other equipment used in all industries, including: oil, oil and gas processing, chemical, metallurgical, engineering, energy, automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, space, nuclear, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Manufacturing method of PSN (ПСН)
PSN (ПСН) is made in the form of tightly wound spiral of alternating layers of a V-shaped strip made of corrosion-resistant steel and a filler strip made of thermally expanded graphite or polytetrafluoroethylene. The filler material is selected taking into account the operating conditions of the gasket (operating environment, operating temperature, operating pressure, etc.).

- guaranteed tightness of joints;
- guaranteed tightness of joints in the presence of certain irregularities on the flange surface;
- resistance to high temperature and pressure;
- resistance to changes in operating parameters (temperature, pressure), heat and water shocks, vibration;
- long overhaul life;
- multiple use.

Working environment:
air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, natural and associated gases, water, water vapor and superheated water vapor, gasoline, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel, mineral and synthetic oils, oil and oil products, fuel conversion products, corrosive substances, etc.

Operating temperature range: from -200 C to +800 C.

Nominal pressure: up to 40 MPa (400 kgf/cm2)

- basic thickness, mm: 3.2; 4.5
- inner diameter, mm: from 16 to 2000

Type of manufacture:
- without limiting rings;
- with limiting rings;
* inner,
* outer,
* inner and outer.

We can produce spiral-wound gaskets according to customers' drawings.