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Silicone plates


Monolithic and porous silicone plates are used in various industries, including food and medical.

Rubber products are made of silicone plates, which are used to seal stationary joints (as gaskets, O-rings, cuffs, etc.), prevent friction between metal surfaces, for the perception of single shock loads, as well as as flooring and dielectric in electrical appliances.

Monolithic silicone plates

Plate thickness, mm Linear size of plates, mm Weight 1 pc.
1 300x300 110 g.
1,5 300x300 160 g.
2 300x300 215 g.
400x400 400 g.
500x500 600 g.
3 500x500 850-900 g.
400x400 600 g.
600x610 1,3 kg.
1000x1000 3,7 kg.
4 500x500 1,1-1,15 kg.
400x400 800 g.
1000x1000 5 kg.
5 500x500 1,5 kg.
600x600 2,2 kg.
700x700 3,0 kg.
1000x1000 6,15 kg.
6 500x500 1,7 kg.
600x600 2,6
1000x1000 7,4 kg.
7 1000x1000 8,4 kg.
8 500x500 2,5 kg.
600x600 3,5 kg.
1000x1000 9,84 kg.
9 400x400 1,7 kg.
10 500x500 3,15 kg.
660x660 5,3
1000x1000 12,3 kg.
12 500x500 3,4 kg.
1000x1000 14,8 kg.
15 500x500 4,5 kg.
1000x1000 18,45 kg.
20 500x500 6 kg.
1000x1000 24,6 kg.
25 520x520 8,2 kg.
30 520x520 9,8 kg.
40 520x520 13,0 kg.
50 520x520 16,3 kg.
60 520x520 19,5 kg.

Basic properties of monolithic silicone plates

Silicone plates have such unique capabilities as high heat and frost resistance (operating temperature range from -60 С to +250 С (for a short time up to +280 С));

resistance to sea and fresh water (including boiling water), salts, alcohols, phenols, oils, weak acids and alkalis, hydrogen peroxide;

resistance to vacuum, radiation, ozone, electric fields, electric corona and arc;

physiological inertness and lack of toxicity;

independence of properties from temperature;

high strength and durability.

Physical and mechanical properties of products made of silaxane rubbers (silicone)

Conditional tensile strength - 6.4n / m, mPa.

Breaking elongation - 300%.

Hardness in the range - 55-60 units. Shore A.

Rebound elasticity - 30% N/m

Tear resistance - 14.7 kN / m, N/m

Operating temperature range - from -60 to +250 С

The coefficient of frost resistance for elastic recovery after compression at - 50 С - 0.45 n/m

Resistance to chemical environments

Gas: ammonia, oxygen, ozone.

Salts: sodium carbonate, copper sulfate, ferric chloride, sodium chloride

Acids: nitric (10%), sulfuric (30-50%), hydrochloric (10-18%), stearic, acetic (30%), phosphoric.

Solvents: hydrogen peroxide, ethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, acetone Food products: beer, wine, juices, alcohol, vegetable and ghee butter, milk, etc.

Silicone plates are produced in the form of sheets with linear dimensions of 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 500x500mm, 520x520mm, 600x600mm, 1000x1000mm and thickness from 1 to 60 mm.

For silicone plates, the standard color is white or transparent, on request it is possible to manufacture plates in black, red, blue, yellow, green.