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novaphit® SSTC


novaphit® SSTC is a thermally expanded graphite material, reinforced with expanded acid-resistant stainless steel (1.4404). A special type of reinforcement provides better compressibility and recoverability of the material, a decrease in gas permeability in comparison with materials reinforced with smooth or perforated sheet metal. In production, special heat-resistant graphite with a low oxidation is used, which ensures durable and reliable operation of the seal at high temperatures and cyclic loads.

novaphit® SSTCTA-L is a material specially designed for industries with rigorous requirements for gas permeability at high temperatures and pressures. Classified as high quality sealing material according to VDI 2440 and TA Luft test criteria.


Indicator name (for a thickness of 2 mm)


Density, g / cm3


Compressibility,%, not less than


Recoverability,%, not less than


Ultimate tensile strength lengthwise, MPa, not less than


Tensile strength broadwise, MPa, not less than


Maximum allowable pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2, bar)

20 (200)

Temperature range, оС

from-240 to +650

Thickness, mm

1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 3,0

Sheet dimensions, mm

1000х1000; 1500х1500