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Paronite PMB

Paronite PMB (oil and petrol resistant paronite) GOST 481-80


Oil and petrol resistant paronite PMB

Applications and conditions of use Oil-resistant paronite is used in the form of gaskets of various sizes and configurations for sealing flat connectors of fixed joints of the "smooth" type with a working medium pressure of no more than 40 kgf / cm2, "thorn-groove", "protrusion-depression" (vessels and apparatus, pumps, fittings , pipelines, compressors, internal combustion engines and other units operating in various environments.

The permissible parameters when working in various environments are as follows: Maximum temperature, Maximum pressure, Seawater 50 4 Brines -40 +50 10 Liquid and gaseous ammonia -40 +150 2.5 Coke oven gas 490 6.4 Air -50 +200 1.6 Oxygen and liquid nitrogen -182 0.25 Oxygen and gaseous nitrogen 150 5 Hydrogen Ci-Cs -40 +60 1.6 Light oil products (gas oil, reflux, gasoline) 200 2.5 Heavy oil products (diesel fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil, paraffin, tar, asphalt, bitumen) 300 2 Oil fractions (diesel, automobile, aviation, industrial, turbine, transformer oils) 150 2.5

The roughness parameter of the sealing surfaces should be no more than 40 microns.

Technical specifications Oil-resistant paronite is a sheet material made on paronite rollers from a mixture of chrysotile asbestos fibers, synthetic and natural rubber, fillers and a vulcanizing group.

Density, g/cm3 - 1.5 - 2

Conditional tensile strength, MPa, not less than - 13

Increase in mass in liquid media, %, not more than -- in kerosene at a temperature of 23°С for 12 hours - 10-24, in MS-20 or MK-22 oils – 23.

Compressibility after relieving pressure 35 MPa, %, - 5-16

Recoverability after 35 MPa,%, not less than – 35.
Paronite is efficient in the Far North and tropical climate. For tropical climates, paronite is made using fungicides. Tropical paronite has the letter T. Paronite is produced both in the form of sheets and gaskets, the size and configuration of which are set by the customer's drawing agreed with the manufacturer.


Operating  pressure, MPa

Temp, °С

Thickness change, %

Density, g/cm3

Thickness, mm

Heavy and light oil products, oil fractions, wax melt






Liquefied and gaseous C1-C5 hydrocarbons


from -40°С to +100°С






From -40 to +50°С




Chark oven gas


From +490°С




Oxygen and nitrogen gas


Up to +150°С




Compressibility at 35 MPa



from 5 to 16



Recoverability after 35MPa










1,5 - 2,0







from 0.4 to 6


Density, paronite g/cmЗ


Conditional strength at break in transverse direction of sheet paronite, not less than, MPa (kgf/cm2 )


Weight gain in liquid media, %
- in kerosene at 23°C for 5 hours max
- in water at 100°С for 5 hours max


Compressibility at 35 MPa (350 kgf/cm2), %


Recoverability after, not less than 35 MPa (350 kgf/cm2), %


Acceptance and storage

The paronite is oil and petrol resistant and products from it are accepted in batches. Each batch in the amount of 100% is subjected to visual quality control, and selectively - for compliance with the physical and mechanical characteristics established by the interstate standard 481-80. Each batch is accompanied by a paronite certificate and a marking label.

Paronite and paronite products should be stored in closed, ventilated and heated rooms, preferably in their original packaging. Storage on shelves and racks is allowed, at a height of at least one meter from the ground. Deformations during storage are not permissible. Storage conditions: relative air humidity - no more than 65%; ambient temperature - up to + 35 ° C. Storage at temperatures below 0 ° C is allowed. At the same time, before cutting the paronite and the manufacture of sealing gaskets, the material must be kept for 24 hours at a temperature of + 20 ° C.

It is not allowed to expose the material during storage to direct sunlight, liquids and vapors that can destroy rubber. The minimum distance to heating devices is one meter. Paronite should not be stored near ozone generating equipment.

Manufacturer's warranties

Subject to the conditions of transportation and storage in accordance with the requirements of State Standard 481-80, the manufacturer's guaranteed shelf life for oil and petrol resistant paronite grade PMB-1 and products made from it is two years from the date of manufacture.