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Rubber plates

The company offers a wide range of these products at affordable prices and is interested in a fruitful partnership with enterprises of all forms of ownership.

The catalog contains a large selection of products:

• oil and petrol resistant moldied plate;

• molded plate heat-frost-acid-alkali-resistant;

• silicone plate;

• food rubber;

• rubber sheet technical;

• rubber rolled technical;

• silicone porous rubber.

Technical rubber plates make up a significant share of the production of rubber goods in the Russian Federation. Technical plates TMCS and MBS are presented in the nomenclature of most manufacturers of rubber products.

Methods of production

There are two main methods used in the production of technical rubber plates:

1.molding - use of molds with excess pressure. The use of vulcanizing presses makes it possible to obtain high-quality rubber plates (mainly TMCs and MBS) of maximum thickness, but their dimensions are limited by the size of the molds (maximum 1000 x 1000 mm);

2. non-molding - use of continuous drum vulcanizers, which makes it possible to produce long products.

Assortment of rubber plates

The company strives to take into account the needs of all categories of customers and produces the following types of products:

• heat-freeze-acid-alkali-resistant plates;

• AMS atmosphere and oil resistant plates;

• oil and petrol resistant plates;

• oil and petrol and frost resistant plates;

• frost-resistant plates;

• waterproof plates;

• transformer;

• heat-resistant plates;

• rubber plates based on ethylene-propylene rubber;

• plates for aviation equipment;

• vacuum plates;

• plates) for laser engraving technology;

• food plates;

• silicone plates (food, porous, for aviation technology, medical use, etc.)

You can buy rubber plates of the required types, clarify prices for these products or discuss cooperation issues by contacting a representative.

• Oil-resistant plates

• Plates heat-frost-acid-alkali-resistant

• Silicone plates

• Transformer plates

• Roll plates

• Food plates

• Vacuum plates

• Other types of plates

• Plates made of rubber compound 51-1564 RAD according to TU 38 1051325-2008