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Asbestos cardboard KAON 3

TU (Technical Specs/Conditions) 2576-05778230-3-99

KAON-3 grade asbestos board (for general purposes) is intended for use as a fire-retardant, heat-insulating material at an insulated surface temperature of no more than 500 ° C.

Cardboard is produced in sheets.

Sheet dimensions:

Grade designation

Thickness, mm

Length, mm

Width, mm


2,0 ± 0,2

1000 ± 20

800 ± 20

8,0 ± 0,8

800 ± 20

10,0 ± 1,0

800 ± 20


Physical and mechanical indicators:

Indicator name


Density, kg/m3:



Tensile strength, not less than:
- lengthwise: MPa (kgf/cm2)
- broadwise: MPa (kgf/cm2)

1,2 (12)
0,6 (6)

Loss of mass share of substance upon calcination,

no more than:

15 %

Mass share of moisture, no more than:


Application area

It is used in the production of asbestos-technical products for the automotive, aviation, chemical, electrical industries, for shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, for thermal insulation of heat and power equipment, as well as in metallurgy.

Advantages of asbestos board thermal insulation:

1. Fire resistance (does not burn, when heated to a temperature of 500 ° C, physical and mechanical indicators do not alter).

2. High mechanical strength. Any deformed insulation does not provide its previous insulating properties, since its original thickness is not preserved, therefore, resistance to mechanical stress is an important characteristic of a heat-insulating material. The products have high mechanical strength due to the special structure of the cardboard, which is achieved by wet molding from hydromass.

3. Alkali resistance.

4. Stable thermal insulation capacity.

5. Resistance to aging processes (the durability of thermal insulation is predetermined by the stable chemical composition of chrysotile asbestos).

6. Lack of emission of harmful substances when heated.

7. Ease of use (the technology of laying on an insulated surface does not require certain work skills and the use of special tools).

8. High adhesion to the insulated surface at wet installation


- by ton, on a wooden board with a metal tape strapping, as agreed with the consumer, covered with plastic wrap;

- in polyethylene bags of 40 sheets.