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Asbestos gland packing AP-31


It is an elastic cord of a square cross section, twisted from an asbestos thread, impregnated with a fatty antifriction composition, graphitized. GOST 5152-84.

Section 4-50 мм.

Produced in coils and bobbins tied with twine. Coils are packed in paper or plastic bags, sack paper, or plastic wrap.

Coil weight 15-30 kg.

It is used in gaskets of fittings and pumps.

Working environments: air, neutral and slightly acidic solutions, oil products, gases and steams. Maximum allowable pressure: 4.5 MPa.

Working temperature: up to + 300°C.

Sliding speed up to 2 m/s.

The guaranteed shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Storage conditions: closed storage rooms, protect from direct sunlight, keep at a distance of 1 m from heat-emitting devices.