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Asbestos-free products

Asbestos is a natural type of hydrosilicates that are easily split into thin strong fibers, which are crystals of a roll or tubular structure. They have good dielectric properties. Asbestos-based products are used as a heat-resistant heat-insulating material in the manufacture of industrial equipment, high-strength asbestos laminates, rubberized fabrics.


Paronite is a sheet cushioning material made by pressing and vulcanizing of a mixture of asbestos fibers, rubber, solvent, mineral fillers and sulfur. Our catalog contains: general-purpose paronite (PON-B 0.4-5.0 mm), oil-resistant (PMB, PMB-1, MBTs, PMH 0.4-4.0 mm), temperature-resistant (TP-1 0, 6 mm), resistant to aggressive media (PC, VP, PE 0.4-5.0 mm), reinforced (ferronite 0.6-2.0 mm).


Асбестовые тканиAsbestos fabrics

Asbestos fabrics are used as heat-insulating and cushioning materials; are used in the manufacture of rubberized fabrics and padding, cuffs, rings, sleeves, asbestos laminates and asbestos plastics, sewing protective clothing for firefighters. The asbestos content is 81-95%. Supplied in rolls ~ 40 sq.m. Our catalog contains: asbestos fabrics 0.9-3.1 mm thick, 1000, 1040, 1200, 1350, 1550 mm wide (AT-29)


асбестовый шнурAsbestos cord

The asbestos cord ShAP is designed for thermal insulation of various units, for sealing joints in heating units and heat-conducting systems. It is used in various branches of the agro-industrial complex, in heating networks of housing and communal services. Our catalog contains: asbestos cords with a diameter of 0.7-35.0 mm (SHAON up to 400 C) and asbestos downy cord (ShAP up to 400 C).

сальниковые набивкиGland packing

Asbestos braided stuffing box packing is used to seal the stuffing box of valves, centrifugal and piston pumps, as well as various units at operating temperatures from -70 to + 300˚С.



асбест каонKAON (general purpose cardboard)

This is a sheet of 1000 x 800 mm; asbestos content is 98-99%.

KAON is used in industrial thermal insulation as temperature-resistant gaskets, fire-retardant heat-insulating material, as well as for sealing the joints of devices, equipment and communications. Can be soaked. Fire and explosion proof. 

Листы АЦЭИДACEID sheets

ACEID - asbestos-cement electrical arc-resistant board is a material of increased strength, has high electrical and thermal insulation properties. 



лента лалэAsbestos tape - LAE, LALE, LAT

Electrical insulating asbestos-lavsan tape is a woven strip made of asbestos yarn, polyester fiber-lavsan is used as a binder; type of weaving - linen. 


асбобумагаAsbestos paper

Asbestos paper is used in insulation of hot surfaces (boilers, pipelines, steam pipelines, heating elements), in the production and heat treatment of metals, casting, etc. 


frikcionnye-izdeliya.jpgFriction products

Friction materials are substances with a high ratio of friction, designed to work under conditions of sliding friction and high temperatures. For the manufacture of friction materials, special resins, synthetic rubber, organic and mineral fibers, fillers, modifiers are used.  


bezasbestovye-frikcionnye-izdeliya1.jpgAsbestos-free friction products

Asbestos-free friction products are friction materials of different types: organic (cork, leather, wood), metal (cast iron and some steel grades), metal-ceramic on an iron and copper base, obtained by powder metallurgy, asbopolymer. 



Безасбестовый уплотнительный материалAsbestos-free sealing material

Our company can supply unique asbestos-free packings made of fluoroplastic, fluoroplastic with graphite, aramid fibers and thermally expanded graphite yarn. These sealing materials are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, metallurgy and metalworking, in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and power engineering.