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Rubber sealing rings

Rubber sealing rings GOST 9833-73 (18829-73)

O-ring, rubber sealing rings for hydraulic, fuel, lubrication and pneumatic devices.


They are efficient at temperatures from -60°С to +200°С and movement speed up to 0.5 m/s in various environments at pressure:

- up to 50 MPa in fixed joints and up to 32 MPa in movable joints in mineral oils, liquid fuels, emulsions, lubricants, fresh and sea water.

- up to 40 MPa in fixed joints and up to 10 MPa in movable joints in compressed air.

For travel speeds up to 5 m/s in any specified working environment.

Rings are manufactured in the following accuracy groups:

1 - for movable joints

2 - for movable and fixed connections


1. The temperature range of operation of the ring for rubber of all groups can be extended by agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer.

2. Rubber of group 3 is recommended for operation in oils at temperatures up to -60 ° С, and in other environments - up to -50 ° С.

3. Rubber of group 7 is recommended for work in fixed joints in air at a pressure of up to 0.63 MPa in the specified temperature limits and in water up to a temperature of 120 ° C; its use is allowed with a limited quantitative effect of mineral oils.

Legend: d1-d2-d3 GOST 9833-73, where

d1 - rod diameter (mm);

d2 - cylinder diameter (mm);

d3 is the cross-sectional diameter of the ring multiplied by 10 (mm).