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Rubber-fabric chevron seals for hydraulic devices

Rubber-fabric chevron seals for hydraulic devices GOST 22704-77 (GOST 9041-59)

Chevron cuffs (MSh) rubber-fabric for sealing the rods and cylinders of hydraulic devices with a diameter of up to 2000 mm, operating at a pressure of up to 63 MPa with a reciprocating speed of 3 m / s in the middle of mineral oils, oil, fresh and sea water, water emulsions at temperatures from - 50 to +100 ° С (short-term up to +120 ° С).

Support rings and pressure rings (KO / KN) are used in a set of chevron rubber-fabric seals for rods and cylinders of hydraulic devices.

Chevron cuff


Pressured ring


Support ring


It is possible to manufacture chevron cuffs of polyurethane, MBS rubber, fluoroplastic. To increase the operating temperature and pressure, an asbestos cloth can be used instead of the domestics cloth.

KO / KN are made of rubber-fabric, from fluoroplastic, caprolon, polyurethane, textolite, bronze, plexiglass, ebonite, MBS rubber, fluorine rubber, santoprene.

For the manufacture of seals, Domestic fabrics are used according to GOST 1104-69 or cotton combined fabrics with strength indicators not lower than that of Domestic fabric coated with a rubber mixture.