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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt.

Лента конвейерная (в разрезе) Лента конвейерная (применение)https://himkompleks.ru/thumb/2/qC0b78Y9fbtyer15m3gIMA/180r160/d/2_1.jpg 

Сonveyor belt is designed for the belt conveyor and is its main working body. Due different types of produced belts, they can transport a variety of lumpy and bulk cargo from non-ferrous and ferrous metal ores, coal and rocks, to low-abrasive materials.

Transporting belt is widely used in mining and metallurgical enterprises, in the food industry and agro-industrial complexes, as well as in the production of building materials.

The conveyor belt, depending on the type, lasts from 2 to 6 years at three-shift operation.

We supply conveyor belts based on synthetic fabric with a strength of 200-400 kgf / cm width: TK-100, TK-200/2, TK-300 (TLK-300), TK-400 (TLK-400), BKNL-65 -2. And also on the basis of fabric EP-200, EP-300, EP-400, EP-500, with significantly improved characteristics of the tape and increased service life. The number of fabric pads in the frame of the tapes varies from 2 to 8. High strength during delamination is ensured by a special fabric treatment.

The conveyor belt is designed to work at ambient temperatures from -45 to 120°C, it can have a width from 100 to 3000 mm, a length of up to 200 pm or 250 pm, a thickness of 5 to 30 mm. The thickness of the working rubber cover is up to 8 mm, the thickness of the non-working rubber cover is up to 4 mm. Rifled and rubber sides. We work with a wide range of heavy, medium and light duty conveyor belts.