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Heat insulating strip (tape)

TU 5766-006-59264088-2002

Heat-insulating strip PT 780*40 (ПТ 780*40) is intended for use as a fire-retardant heat-insulating material at a temperature of the insulated surface not exceeding 500°C, as well as for sealing the connections of devices, equipment and communications.

Heat-insulating strip is made of heat-insulating cardboard TU 5767-005-59264088-2002 based on chrysotile asbestos GOST 12871. Strip thickness is allowed from 1.3 mm to 3.0 mm.

Strip dimensions:

Grade designation

Length, mm

Width, mm

Nominal value

Max deviation

Nominal value

Max deviation



± 10


± 0,5

Physical and mechanical indicators:

Indicator name


Density, kg/m3:


Tensile strength, MPa (kg/cm2), not less than:
- lengthwise:
- broadwise:

1,5 (15)
0,9 (9)

Mass fraction of moisture, no more than:

3 %

Fire resistance

does not burn, does not char

Area od application: Thermal insulation strip PT grade is convenient for insulating units and assemblies of complex geometric shapes with a small heating area, for sealing joints of building structures, including pasting over a joint without using an adhesive, for example, sealing a gap between a window and a frame.

Packaging: The heat-insulating strip is packed in 30 pieces in sack paper, 300 packages are stacked on wooden boards and tied with a metal or polymer tape. By agreement with the consumer, another type of packaging is possible that provides comprehensive mechanization of loading, unloading and warehouse operations.