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Rubber sealing cuffs for hydraulic devices

Rubber sealing cuffs for hydraulic devices GOST 14896-84

Cuffs are designed to seal the gap between the cylinders and the piston (plunger and rod) in hydraulic devices operating in reciprocating motion with a relative movement speed of no more than 0.5 m/s at  pressures from 0.1 to 50 MPa, at temperatures from - 60° to +200°C, motion of up to 10 m and response frequency up to 0.5 Hz.


Cuffs, depending on the design and the effective pressure, are made of three types:

Type 1 - for pressures of 0.1 50 MPa (1.0 500 kgf/cm2);

Type 2 - for pressures 0.25 32 MPa (2.5 320 kgf/cm2);

Type 3 - for pressures of 1.0 50 MPa (1.0 500 kgf/cm2).

Instead of type 2 cuffs, it is possible to use type 3 cuffs, which are interchangeable with type 2 cuffs.

Type 2 cuffs according to GOST 14896-84 are not manufactured today. Such cuffs are replaced by cuffs according to TU 38-1051725-86.