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Oil seals, reinforced cuffs

Oil seals (reinforced rubber cuffs) for shafts GOST 8752-79

сальники, манжеты

Oil seals are manufactured in 2 types:
type 1: single-edgeв without anther, designed to prevent leakage of the sealed medium;
type 2: single-edged with a boot, designed to prevent leakage of the sealed medium and protect against dust penetration.

Oil seals are manufactured in 2 versions:
version 1: with a machined edge;
version 2: with molded edge

Completeness of oil seals:
The oil seals must be fitted with springs. On oil seals for shafts up to 20mm in diameter. and above 120 mm. the springs may not be fitted.

An example of a conventional designation of oil seals with a spring: 

1.2-60х80-1  GOST 8752-79,  

   1 - stuffing box type (1 - without anther, 2 - with boot);
   - the version of the stuffing box (1- with a machined working edge, 2- with a molded working edge).

   60 - shaft diameter (mm);
   80 - outer diameter of the stuffing box (mm).
     1 - rubber group.

The guaranteed shelf life of packed oil seals is 3 years.