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Porous silicone rubber


Due to its unique properties, porous roll-on silicone rubber has found wide application in various industries.

Various sealing elements of fixed joints are made from it, they are also used as sealing gaskets, an electrical insulating layer in electrical appliances, as shock-absorbing gaskets in air, fuel, ionizing radiation and other aggressive media.

Particularly porous silicone rubbers have proven themselves as vibration and shock absorbing flooring at extreme temperatures.

Main characteristics

Thickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm Shore A hardness, unit Heat resistance, oC
3 700 10000 10-15 -60 +250
5 1000 10000 10-15 -60 +250
8 1000 10000 10-15 -60 +250
10 1000 10000 10-15 -60 +250

Rolled silicone porous rubber is fine-porous material with closed pores in red or white color.

Silicone products retain their performance in a wide temperature range from -60 oC to + 250 oC.

The properties of silicone rubber are practically independent of temperature and do not change under the influence of light, air, ozone, etc.

The porous silicone rubber is available in red, gray and white colors, with substantial volumes a choice of colors is possible according to the customer's request.