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Аsbestos ozurit

Asbestos ozurite is an insulating material consisting of diatomite and asbestos fiber.

Chrysotile asbestos is usually used as a reinforcing agent in the manufacture of heat-insulating asbestos products (sovelite, lime-siliceous, perlite-cement). In addition, asbestos is added to powders for the manufacture of heat-insulating mastics (asbestos) and plasters (asbestos-cement, asbestos-cement). The introduction of asbestos into thermal insulation products lowers their average density and thermal conductivity and increases their strength.

Thermal insulation powders containing asbestos include mixtures consisting of a mixture of asbestos and diatomite - asbestos-rupture; from a mixture of magnesia with asbestos, - asbestos-magnesia. Asbestos-containing powders, after mixing them with water, are used for mastic insulation, which has limited application. They are used to insulate objects with a surface temperature of more than 20°C.

Asbestos ozurite (TC 36-130-83) is an asbestos material consisting of a powdery mixture of tripoli or diatomite with asbestos not lower than Group 6 in an amount of at least 15%. According to the average density, asbesurite is divided into grades 700,800; thermal conductivity at a temperature of 298 K - 0.170-0.190 W / (m • K). Asbestos ozurite mastic, obtained from asbestos ozurite, is used to insulate surfaces with temperatures up to 900°C. The mastic is applied to surfaces preheated to 150°C.