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Paronite PA

Paronite PA (reinforced)


Reinforced sheet paronite (PA grade) is manufactured in accordance with the Specifications of GOST 481-80 and is intended for the manufacture of flat sealing gaskets. Due to the internal metal reinforcement, it has a second name - ferronite. For reinforcement, steel mesh No. 9 is used in accordance with GOST 3826. According to the State Standard, PA paronite is manufactured in all climatic versions (in tropical - with the use of fungicides). The minimum temperature of paronite, at which it remains operational, is minus 60 ° C.

Shape - sheets with a thickness of 0.8; 1.0; 1.2; 2.0 and 3.0 mm, standard dimensions from 400x300 mm to 1500x1000 mm.

Paronite gaskets with a diameter of up to 1500 mm are made from a single sheet, more than 1500 mm - from several parts by joining them in a "dovetail" or "overlapping" gluing.

Scope and operating conditions of reinforced paronite

Operating environment

Maximum pressure, MPa

Maximum temperature, °C

Type of sealed connection

Equipment types

Steam (superheated and saturated), fresh water (superheated)



"Thorn-groove", "depression-protrusion", it is possible to seal "smooth" joints, provided the pressure of the working environment is not more than 4.0 MPa

Pipelines, shut-off and control valves, pumps, compressors, internal combustion engines and other units

Dry inert gases, air



Light and heavy oil products, oil fractions



The roughness of the surfaces to be joined for the installation of a paronite gasket should be no more than Rz = 40 microns.

At the request of the customer, paronite can be produced and supplied both in sheets and in the form of ready-made gaskets according to the customer's drawings.

Physical and mechanical properties of reinforced paronite

Parameter name


Specific weight of paronite, g/cm3


The maximum increase in mass when holding the material for 5 hours in:

- kerosene at temperature of +23°C, %;

- in MS-20 aviation oil at temperature of +150°C, %;



Relative compressibility under pressure of 35 MPa, %


Recoverability after removal of the compressive force (35 MPa), %, not less than