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Composite silicone elastomer "Silicone rubber"

At our enterprise, chemical scientists have developed and patented a new generation material "Silicone rubber", a mixture based on methylvinylsiloxane rubber (silicone), with components from Russian raw materials, with unique properties that have no analogues in the world, with which it is possible to solve many production tasks in a number of industries. The main component of the mixture is silicone.

This material has a number of unique properties:

- suitable for use in various industries: resistant to aggressive environments, including ammonia, acid and oil-resistant, has increased wear resistance, resistance to rupture, crack resistance, has a high hydrophobic ability, unique resistance to sea water, salt air and acid rain. The material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays and has great radiation resistance, does not deteriorate and does not accumulate radiation;

- when used in cable insulation, it retains its working qualities in the temperature range from - 90 ° C to +300 ° C, when exposed to an open flame for 180 - 240 minutes (the sheath is coked without spontaneous destruction, and the insulation of the conductors remains intact, the cable remains workable), will not emit harmful halogen-containing compounds;

- allows you to install the cable at a temperature of - 40 ° C, - the service life of products made of this material is more than 40 years, - the low cost of the material, due to the presence of its own raw material base in the Russian Federation.

The material "Silicone rubber" can be widely used in various fields:

- in the oil and chemical industry,

- in metallurgy, nuclear and energy industries,

- in the construction of high-rise buildings,

- in shipbuilding, aviation and space technology,

- in industry, where stable interaction with aggressive media is required.

Prototypes have been produced and tested:

- Silicone sheathed electrical power fire cable.

- Cable for oil submersible pumps, without lead protection (original invention), will significantly reduce the cost and simplify the production technology, lighten the weight load, compared to those currently produced.

- Packer sealing collars, rings, gaskets for the oil and chemical industry.

- Technology for extending the service life of conveyor and conveyor belts for mining and processing and metallurgical production.

- Silicone lubricants for various purposes.

- O-ring seals, silicone gaskets.

Composite silicone elastomer "Silicone rubber"


Composite silicone elastomer "Silicone rubber" grade "B" is intended for the manufacture of structural elements of sealing, cushioning and structural materials in the manufacture of various types of heat-resistant, oil-and-petrol resistant gaskets, oil seals, diaphragms, etc. for units and products operating in aggressive environments, including ammonia, with sharp and large temperature changes (from -68°C to +350°C.). It has increased wear resistance, tear resistance, crack resistance, has a high hydrophobic ability, and is resistant to seawater. The material has high radiation resistance, does not collapse and does not accumulate radiation, and is able to withstand loads under high pressure.

Technological possibilities are determined by the use of casting and pressing technology, followed by polymerization at low temperatures. The time and temperature of polymerization (vulcanization) is set by the selection of formulations for specific types of production.

The service life of the material can be increased, knowing the operating conditions and environment, by conducting additional tests in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Available in various colors; the color of the supplied material is agreed upon with the consumer.


Composite elastomer silicone rubber "Silicone rubber" is intended for processing by extrusion or pressing with further vulcanization in tunnel ovens.


Rolling capacity, minutes, not more than


Density, g/cm3


Plasticity, units, not less than


Conditional tensile strength, MPa, not less than


Elongation at break,%, not less than

150 - 250

Relative residual elongation after rupture,%, not more than


Shore A hardness units, within


Elongation at break after thermal aging at 250 ° С 24 hours,%, not less than


Specific volumetric electrical resistance, Ohm cm, not less than


Dielectric loss tangent, no more than


Electric strength at a frequency of 50 Hz, MV / m, not less than


Specific volumetric electric

resistance Ohm cm, not less than




Manufacturing in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

Use of material elastomer composite silicone "Silicone rubber"

Oil and gas production and refining industry:

- replacement of all electrical wires, power, control and submersible cables used in this industry and not working in the ambient temperature range from -96 * C to + 350 * C and any aggressive environment;

- replacement of all rubber seals and oil seals where, according to technical requirements, they must be oil and petrol resistant and operate at ambient temperatures from -96 C to + 350 C;

- replacement of all electrical wires and cables where, according to the operating conditions, requirements for fire safety and prevention of the possibility of fire from a short circuit in the electrical circuit are imposed;

-replacement of all electrical wires and cables where, according to the operating conditions, requirements are imposed on a multi-cycle bending during rewinding;

-use for laying cable products in any aggressive environment and climatic conditions without preparing special trays, etc.

- the use of rubber seals, gaskets, including Packer cuffs, where, according to technical requirements, they must be oil and petrol resistant, acid resistant and resistant to aggressive media, with the ability to operate at ambient temperatures from -96 C to + 350 C;

- the use of various pastes and lubricants for the industry.

Automotive industry

-application for operation in conditions where it is required to ensure oil and petrol resistance and fire safety of wires, harnesses (wire bundles), seals, gaskets and tubes.

Mechanical engineering

Application where the following is required:

- flexible installation and assembly wires with high temperature resistance;

-connection to heating elements;

- heat resistant insulation (end seal compounds).

Energy generation

-replacement of all types of wires and cable products with PVC, PVC and other similar insulation;

-use of the material "Silicone rubber" instead of insulating varnishes in the windings of electrical machines;

-application where it is required to increase (up to 30%) the transmitted current through the wires.