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Chrysotile asbestos AKhO


Deironed chrysotile asbestos AKhO (AXO-2)

Technical Conditions TU 21-22-3-88

Deironed chrysotile asbestos AKhO -2 is a product of wet cleaning of chrysotile asbestos produced in accordance with GOST 12571-93. It is produced in the form of cardboard sheets.

Asbestos grade

Mass fraction, %

fractions more than 0.25mm, not less than




Not more than

AKhO -2






Advantages of AKhO-2:

  1. Low content of magnetite and gallium impurities accompanying chrysotile asbestos.
  2. High filtering ability of chrysotile asbestos fibers and filters based on AKhO-2.
  3. Durability of filters based on AKhO-2.
  4. Low magnetic susceptibility.
  5. High electrical insulating properties.
  6. High mechanical strength of products based on AKhO-2.
  7. Stable thermal insulation capacity.
  8. Resistance to aging processes (durability is predetermined by the stable chemical composition of chrysotile asbestos fibers).
  9. Lack of emission of harmful substances when heated.
  10. Alkali resistance.

Application area:

It is used for the manufacture of especially critical electrical insulating asbestos products and filter cartons for the purification of high-grade wines. In addition, it is used in the production of special paronite, electronite, medical filter plates and sivol, electrical insulating cables for the glass and electrical industries and other products in the asbestos, automotive and paper industries.