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Graphite serrated flange gaskets


Graphite flanged gaskets on serrated steel base PFGZ (ПФГЗ).

Sealing of critical flange connections of pipelines, fittings, pumps, vessels, apparatus and other various equipment. The flange connection is sealed due to the elasticity of the profile of the metal base of the gasket, which hold the pressure of the working medium. Complete sealing of the joint is achieved by a layer of gasket material. The serrated surface of the metal base of the gasket in combination with the gasket material significantly increases the sealing properties of the gasket. The soft gasket material helps to reduce the tightening forces of the flange bolts. For these gaskets, multiple use is provided, subject to the correct selection and installation of gaskets.

Area of application
In all industries, from mining, processing and ending with the nuclear industry.

Operating conditions
- Temperature range of the working environment: from -200 to +800 (1100) C.

The durability of gaskets depends on the base material and the gasket material.

The gasket consists of a metal base (ring) and gasket material applied to it. Concentric prongs are made on the planes of the metal base on both sides (“comb” profile). Gasket material is applied to the serrated surfaces of the base.

Base type
- Serrated (prongs are made along the entire plane of the base).
- Serrated with internal stop (prongs are made from the outer diameter of the base with a transition to the flat surface of the inner stop).
- Serrated with an outer centering ring (prongs are made from the inner diameter of the base with a transition to the flat surface of the outer centering ring).
- Serrated with an external centering ring and an internal stop (prongs are made in the center of the base plane with the transition to the planes of the centering ring and stop).

The type of base is selected depending on the design of the flange connection: “tongue-groove”, “protrusion-depression”, “plane-plane” and other connections.

Base material

  • Grades of stainless steel
  • Grades of carbon steel
  • Copper
  • Metal alloys

Gasket material

  • Expanded graphite sealing materials.
  • Sealing materials made of polytetrafluoroethylene (fluoroplastic F4)
  • Other sealing materials