Volgograd region, K. Nechaeva Street,
6 "b" Volzhsky Chemical Complex
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Production of rubber goods according to your drawings


We make any custom-made rubber products according to your drawings. If your production uses non-standard parts, machines, or you are just starting up a production workshop, then we can help in the implementation of your plans by making, especially for you, non-standard rubber products exactly according to your drawings.

We manufacture products in accordance with TU 2531-002-28943826-2009, TU 2512-001-28943826-2009, TU 38 105 1325-2008, as well as other TU and GOST. Types of products: rubber compounds according to various TU, rings, gaskets, seals according to the drawings, bushings, cuffs in accordance with GOST and for KID, butted rings, rolled and molded plates, cords, profiles, tubes and much more, except for V-belts and sleeves. In the absence of equipment, it is possible to manufacture it or work on the form provided by the Customer.

We manufacture products of 1-4 safety class.

We are happy to offer you the following products:

1. Rubber plate (TMKShch, MBS, AMC, UM, vacuum, porous)

2. Mixtures: rubber unvulcanized (rolled, calendered)

3. Conveyor belts of general purpose, food, food oil-resistant, frost-resistant, heat-resistant.

4. Rubber hoses: pressure, with a thread frame, for gas welding and metal cutting

5. Drive belts, fan belts, variator belts and others...

The delivery of radiation-resistant rubber products of 1-4 safety class according to OPB 88/97, taking into account the requirements of NP-071-06, RD EO, etc. for the enterprises of Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC, the fuel and energy complex, radiation-chemical production and other industries. The enterprise develops and manufactures rubber goods for operation in: water, overheated water, steam, fuels, oils, acids, alkalis, petroleum products, fire-resistant liquids, decontamination solutions, etc. - at temperatures from -70 to +300°C, high pressures, vacuum, mechanical stress and vibration; - under radiation exposure. We supply: - radiation-resistant rubber products according to TU 2531-002-28943826-2009 and TU 38 105 1325-2008; - X-ray protective materials and products according to TU 38 104454-85 and TU 405829-2004; - O-rings non-standard and in accordance with GOST 9833, GOST 18829; - plates of rubber and rubber-fabric, transformer (GOST 7738, GOST 12855); - cuffs of rubber, rubber-fabric and rubber-metal (GOST 14896, GOST 6678, GOST 22704, GOST 8752) - injection cords, profiles, tubes (GOST 6467-79, GOST 5496-78); - molded rubber, rubber-metal and rubber-fabric rubber goods; - non-standard rubber goods according to customer's drawings or samples, including instead of imported ones, as well as bases for their production. Our rubber goods will allow you to equip your products with seals of a high degree of reliability. All products are certified.